Friday, 11 March 2016

Time to Head off

Well it's time to go....all of the training, endless km's on the road and mtb, sessions in the gym to strengthen the core. It's an achievement with the fine balance of family, work and train gong just to be able to stand on the start line ready to race. However as we all know that's just the beginning

From my perspective, my preparation has been ideal. I have the luxury of having done this race twice before in 2012 and 2014. Both my time on the bike and km's ridden have been about 20% up on the previous preparations l, however as I am not getting any younger, I deliberately reduced the intensity of my training to get more in. For the last 2 weeks, I have been what's known as "tapering" where you reduce your time on the bike to ensure you are fresh and not tired coming into  the race.

I tend to compartmentalise everything so up to know it was all about the training, eating and resting right, not having a crash or fall and completing the training.  Now that's done, I will start o turn my thoughts to the race and build up the mental side of what is coming at us over the next 8 days. Then as the race unfolds, I take it a stage at a time. Even breaking down the stages and "ticking" them off mentally as we complete them. Teamwork and working together shouldn't be a problem. This is the third time Buzz and I have done the race together. He is a fierce competitor and I trust him implicitly. We team well and race well together. He has had a much harder time balancing a young family together with

training and we also have a third member of our team, Jarrod's wife, Christelle who has been great support as its not easy doing all the required training with 2 kids under 2 years old. Thanks Christelle for all your support. It's appreciated. 

It's a long trip from Sydney to Cape Town via Jo'berg. This year, besides Buzz and I, Damo is 
is back with a new partner Brad riding for Hampton Cycles Melbourne and these guys should be knocking on the door of the podium for Masters as they are both Australian Masters MTB champions in their age groups. Buzz and I won't be far behind them and are looking to go top 10 In Masters (we were 11th in 2014).  Usually, less than 30 mins will separate places 10-25 in Masters in over 40 hours of racing. Thats how competitive it is!!  The 3rd team this year is Mark and Carter riding for Jet cycles in Sydney. Both newbies to the Epic, but are well prepared and should do well.  We are all travelling and racing together. It should be a great week!! 

Here's a couple of photos of us on the way over

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