Saturday, 12 March 2016

Day 1 getting acclimatised

After a big day yesterday, we were all up early hooked into the unbelievable buffet breakfast here at The Bay Hotel in Camps bay. Quite a good pub! Then we headed off to the local Specialized boys who are looking after us at Helderberg Cycleworld in Somerset West. They were great, then a spot of lunch, bit of a drive around and then back to the hotel to meet our Physio Caryn who will be looking after us. Finally a quick roll up the beautiful coast road to test the bikes and then a very meaty dinner washed down by so local beers.  The boys were pretty tired after all that and we left the nightclubs of Camps Bay alone and headed off to bed!

Here is a selection of photos for the day. And yes those needles are all legal!! Only vitamin shots!!!

1 comment:

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