Sunday, 19 July 2015

Back to the Epic 2016

Well, I said after the 2012 Epic that we wouldn't be back. And after the 2014 slugfest, with my knees giving out, I definitely said "enough!l having said this before, South Africa weaves its magic, as does the Absa Cape Epic and we managed to find a way to get an entry into the 2016 race

So here we go again!! Buzz and I hope to line up for a 3rd time, to join the exclusive Amabubesi Club, which is reserved for those who have successfully completed the race 3 times. That would be very cool!!

So life is doing its usual thing and impacting our race planning. Buzz is 13 years younger than me, so he and his lovely wife Christelle at expecting their 2nd rug rate in a couple of weeks. It's gunna be tough for Jarrod to be able to get the balance right to fit it all in. I hope he does!!

For me, with 2 previous races under my belt, I am thinking about what I need to do different with my training and preparation. The race is a little earlier this time, March 13th, so I won't be doing much till Sept 1 when training will kick off in earnest. In the interim, I will be hitting the gym pretty hard to get the core nice and strong. I also plan to do more training miles on the MTB rather than the road bike and also a lot more racing as part of my preparation.

Damo from Hampton cycles is back again, so once again there will be a Sydney team and a Melbourne team. Damo has a new partner this year and apparently he can ride a mountain bike. Both of them have won Australian Masters MTB titles so they should do well

I will try to keep some postings on the FFT blog on a semi permanent basis.

I am currently sitting in the Qantas lounge writing this about to board a flight to Tokyo. Have the chance to take the bike, so I Amy post a photo or two of the early "base miles" Training I am kicking off

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