Sunday, 8 December 2013

Another Sunday Training ride

This week, we took off an hour earlier than the last few weeks. The weather was good and Buzz, Lucas and I hit the trails leaving Seaforth and heading around Manly dam, and onto the cascades and Heath tracks then into Terry hills for a coffee. When we stopped for a coffee, you never know who you may meet. We were enjoying our coffee, when Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia stopped for a break. There were 3 cars of Commonwealth coppers following him. After a little banter with the PM, we took off, heading to West Head for the Manly Warringah Last Road race for the year. While we were waiting for A grade to come by, who else came pedaling by but Cadel Evans on a ride out on the same course.

We headed back to Manly, legs screaming after 81k on the Mountain bike. Another tough session!!

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