Saturday, 23 November 2013

Munich Germany, what a magic ride!!!

The Trusty Travel Bike outside the Hotel
Sweeping German Roads
A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to Germany for work. I wasn't sure if the weather was going to be ok or not, however I saw that there was a good chance that I would have an afternoon free, so I took the trusty old Travel Bike with me, just in case.
After a long 24 hour commute, I arrive in Munich at lunchtime on Sunday, so what else do you do after such a long flight, pull on the bike kit and head out into the early afternoon winter German sunshine and have a lazy roll around the Munich countryside. 

Navigation is a cinch these days with Garmins, Map my ride and other such programs.  I mapped out a couple of rides, one for the Sunday of 40k or so, and another of just over 100k in case I had an opportunity to get out for a longer roll.  The combination of jet lag and the garmin opensource maps, succeeded in getting me lost on Sunday afternoon, however I found my way back ok to the hotel before dark.

One of the farm roads heading through the farmers fields
The Garmin took me right off track!!
On Tuesday afternoon, I made sure I had everything for a long ride. Being by yourself in another country means you have to have a few extra things covered incase you have a mechanical or worse, an accident.  Sufficient ID, Euro's, Credit Car", and few questions like "Where is my hotel and how do I get a taxi to take me back there? etc make it a lot safer.   I pushed start on the Garmin
and started off on a little adventure.  The temperature was
around 8c, but it felt warmer. I took a rain jacket and lights just in case, as the weather was a little
The Alps are just over that rise
unpredictable.  I had a slight tailwind for the first 30k and enjoyed zipping along on nicely made country roads with little traffic.  Small villages with whitewashed walls and bright red tiled roofs flashed by.  Farms with rolling green fields were all around me.  I came over a little rise, and there right in front of me was the snow capped Swiss
Black Forest Roads
More of the Black Forest Fire Roads 

Alps. They looked magnficent and really take your breath away with their sharp beauty.  Many of the farms have little asphalt paths going through the actual farms themselves. The Garmin was taking me on some pretty out of the way places as I had selected not to go on main roads and it seemed to be taking that command very seriously.  After 55k of sweeping roads, I found one of the many very good German bakeries and sat down to a very fresh apple slice and a nice latte.  This was the life!!  I then turned for home, and if all went to plan as per the ride in the Garmin, it would be a nice big loop leaving Munich and heading south East towards the
Good Coffee stop!
Austrian border and the Alps, before sweeping back home through some of the small foothills leading down from the mountains. Roughly slightly uphill heading out for 55k, and slightly downhill all the way home.

I lost my course as the Garmin took me completely offroad and I needed to find my own way for 20 or so K's.  It wasnt too hard, but i realized the
Looks like a little German Berg to push over!!
Garmin had no problem sending me on unmade, pot-holed water logged farm trails and forest trails.  Lucky I had the 25mm Conti's on which are pretty bullet proof in these scenarios.  I felt good on the way back and pushed myself pretty hard, seeing I had the Fling the day after I got back.  After 113k of magical riding, I was back at the hotel a bit tired, but very happy that I managed to get such a magnificent ride in.

A real bonus!!!
Straight through some German farmers field!

The road just traveled....

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