Thursday, 4 November 2010

FFT into the USA

Over in the US for a month or two. Are currently in "Silicon Valley" in San Jose near San Francisco

Daylight saving still hasn't finished here and it is light till after 7pm, so I can get an hour or two on the bike after work. It is unseasonally warm here some 30c, so no need for any warm clothing. I have taken the cyclocross bike as I am doing some races here on the weekend. I swapped the cross tyres with road slicks to make the bike a bit quicker, however at 10kg's it doesn't handle like the Cervelo or Colnago. It is pretty heavy up the hills. This photo was taken on the way from san Jose to the eastern mountains of silicon valley, via Las Gados (thanks to Mike Sumner for the local knowledge). Climbing up the canyon next to a creek, there was a nice lake with plenty of wildlife. The trusty Jamis is in the background. I headed up into beautiful quite mountain roads on a warm evening. Average gradient around 7%-it felt like being back in France. All I needed was Danny and Damo huffing and puffing next to me and I was there! Great descent back to the hotel- I set the garmin to backroads and it took me through some beautiful residential suburbs. (The yanks do it well when they have money!). Got back just on dusk. A great 50k ride!


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