Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ummmm we're stuck at the bottom of AX3...

This is not good Mav!

The first glitch on FFT 2010, they closed the road very early and we're stuck at the bottom of AX3 after getting here a bit early and deciding to have lunch at a cafe. This is the decisive climb of Le Tour so you don't want to miss the fireworks.

Then we spotted the Gondola, a bit of sweet talking by Captain Le Foz of the operator and we're on our way to the top... Phew lucky!

Standing in the queue and all of a sudden we have a phone call from the other boys... Mike's puffing like he's cranking up the climb, "what's up boys", "they won't let us up...." They reply. A few seconds later and we let them in on the secret...

On the way I got a call from the Stig, he's gone to the top of the wrong mountain... Still 30k to go, how that happened we're not sure - maybe his GPS is set for mountain biking.

Safely at the top we can now work our way down the course a bit and see if we can find a bar with a TV while we wait.

Tomorrow we will definitely be checking the road book before we leave.

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