Monday, 19 July 2010

Standing at 1km to go on AX3... Waiting

After catching the cable car up we positioned ourselves at the 1km to go banner, which is where it flattens out.

For a while Damo and I are watching the caravan. People go crazy to get a free hat or bag or lollies/sweets. One person infront of us let their pram go and ran into a ditch to grab a hat... The baby ended up ok because it ran into the back of someone.

Being on a hairpin with barriers as the young ladies throw their caps some pop over the crowd - easy pickings - except we have to carry (in a bike pocket) whatever you catch back 70km home.. Only a yellow hat for one of my friends!

After we had scouted our position we went back to the finish and watched the big screen until they hit the bottom of the climb. Then clambered down to our spot.

The first rider Riblon came through by himself he was going to get his victory on a mountain top finish, then Sanchez and Menchov.

Now its time to fight our way down to the bottom with about another 200,000 people walking the road. Should be fun.

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