Sunday, 9 March 2014

Start the taper....2 weeks to go!!

Well, after 7 months of training, it is time to start that important prerace period of our training, known as the taper. As I am a big believer in that you cant overtrain, only under rest, it is important that we start to tone down the intensity of riding over the next 2 weeks. For me, this means riding to work and doing a couple of short efforts, plus my usual 5 days a week on the bike

We both seem to be hitting our straps at the right time. Buzz is strong and I think fitter than when we went into the 2012 race. I might have my work cut out keeping up!!

The next few weeks before we leave for Cape Town, are about packing the bike, sports food and bike kit. This means making endless lists and leaving them around the house!!  I rode the new Sworks Epic today and it is all set to go.  It is sweet to ride and we did 70k at a reasonable clip today in one of our last MTB hitouts before the race. This afternoon, I put on the new Specailized race tyres.  These look fast as well as hardy.  They will need to be with the rough South African thorns and rocks on the course.  I am sure they will be great and I am looking forward to riding on them.

Buzz and I with Sydney Harbour in the Background
Yesterday, we did the famous  Northern Beaches Saturday morning ride called "Coast and Toast".  With a couple of the local NRS riders coming along, it was always going to be a quick morning out.  After, Ben Elvy, Buzz and I did a couple of extra K's including up to the very senic North Head of Sydney Harbour. I felt strong all day and hope I havent peaked a couple of weeks too early! One thing you know with bike
Ben jons us for a shot as well
riding.....form is fleeting.  It comes quickly, doesn't hang around for long, and leaves you as quickly as it arrives!   The secret is in the resting, Thats why I am looking at lowering the extended efforts, but do some easy rides instead

One more weekend to hone the fitness and clock up some more miles.  I am looking forward to this race now...... Bike got packed today. Any more MTBing will be on the 2012 Sworks Epic

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