Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Cape Epic training continues

With 22 weeks and 4 days till the start of the 2014 Absa Cape Epic, team The Fixed Wheel is into its training block. With one Epic already under our belt, we know what is ahead of us and have the benefit of that experience to modify our training. One of the problems we had training for the 2012 race was a very wet 4-5 months leading up to our depart. This made it difficult to train on the mountain bikes as here in Sydney, the rangers close the trails and you can't ride them. So in 2012 we had to mainly ride the road bikes.

I have had the Epic rebuilt with new bearings, shocks serviced and it is flying. Buzz and I did 80k on the mtb's last sunday with over 1000m of vertical climbing at pretty much race pace. It was hot, with the temperature pushing 33c and strong hot northerly a blowing. Besides one very large Red Belly black snake on one of the trails, for the first time in a few weeks we had no mechanicals and I realty enjoyed the training.

It will be a good lead in to our next race this coming Sunday, a 7 hour pairs race in the southern highlands. We should be a top 5 finisher, all going well and with only one of you on the track at any time, you basically get 30 mins doing a flying lap and 30 mins rest to rehydrate, have a drink and check the bike. These formats are fast and fun with often seconds separating the top teams even after 7 hours of riding.
We both elected to race this race rather than contest the Australian Masters road Championships that is on the same weekend.

The training plan for me is to ride 4 times during the week on the road bike before work averaging about 60k per ride. Monday or Friday is on the time trial bike, emphasizing big gear riding and it is great for developing the strength you need for those open stage farm trails during the Epic. Tuesday and Thursdays are with the bunch fast and focusing on top end speed. Wednesday is hills training. If I can, I will sneak an after work loop of manly dam in every now and then on the mtb. Saturday is long tough road bike of 100k with the bunch at a fast pace and Sunday is 60-80k on the mtb. Should round out at around 400k per week. I will throw in a little crit racing if it suits to get the top end faster.

Over December and January with Christmas break and good weather, the K's should build with the aim to be doing over 2000k per month for these big base months.

If all goes well, I should be flying coming into March!!

Let's see how I go!!

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