Saturday, 17 March 2012

1 week to go!!!

One week to go till he we are on the start line for the 2012 Cape Epic.  Time to start the period known as the "taper" when you actually reduce the amount and intenstity of training and let your body start to recover before you hit it with an almighty effort for 8 days.

My preparation has gone well and I have pretty much managed to keep to my training program and schedule. After 35 years of riding and other such ventures, you do get to know your body pretty well and I am pleased with where I am. There are a few things that I would like to have better prepared, but that is always the case.  I have have done over 7500k of riding since December 1, the downside to that is due to all the wet weather in Sydney, most of it has been on the road, and had a target weight to start the race at 71kg's and I am currently 71.4kg's. I feel good on the bike, and besides wishing I had a bit more time on the Specialized Epic, are ready to go. This week is now a big eating week, in that I eat (almost) anything to build up for the race. 

Buzz is also in good condition, he told me he has dropped 5-6kg's in preperation and he looks like he could play in the midfield for Northshore AFL again!! I think  he is riding exceptionally well and looks very strong.  Johnny and Mark in Team Weatherzone have a few injury issues, but Johhny is also ready to go and looks very fit and trim. Johhny, Buzz and I did 3 hours on the Mountain bikes yesterday, all of us on our New Epics, and we made good time.

I have changed the front cluster on my bike from a double to a triple as although the double was fine for the hilly stuff, it didnt give me enough top end speed. Seeing a lot of the Epic is firetrails and some pack riding, I thought getting a little more help from the front sprokets wouldnt hurt!

It is raining again in Sydney, which from a taper perspective isnt such a bad thing. Gives me the day to start packing....I have lists of stuff left all around the house I need to sort through!!

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