Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 4.....a bit quieter after the last few days!

Probably 80 riders behind Buzz's helmet

This is the effort it takes to beat a Manly boy
Another large group was awaiting as we left the Medina at 8.30.  We decided to roll up over Norton Summit climb and along the Loeberthal road to the best bakery/cafe in the Adeliade hills at Loeberthal.  Buzz, Mitch and Johnny kicked off a bit later than the main group, so the Manly Boys were a little low on numbers.  I had a call just as the group left the hotel, so I was a couple of minutes behind the main group.  Local knowledge came into hand when I took off a a pretty solid clip and managed to hit the climb in front of the main group.  I think there was a few suprised Hampton faces when they crested the climb and they saw me already there!  An early set of points for the good guys!  
We regrouped and took off up the Basking Ranges for the second time this week. My legs were pretty cooked after yesterdays big day, so I took it pretty easy.  About 5k from Loebental, Damo attacked, with me isolated again, up against Leigh, the Koala, Gus, and Jay.  I knew that if I bridged up to Damo, then one of the other Hampton boys would counter.  I decided to wait till the last climb about a k from town. I hit them hard and got a little break. I was closing in on Damo, but couldnt get him, so I had to give one away there.
As we came into town, we passed Mike and Karen O'Brien. The group all stopped for coffee, and Mike decided to come along for the day with us. We now has some more firepower. We headed over to the KOM of the day about 20k away at Kersbrook. We decided to turn up the back way through the famous Checkers Hill. This is a 20 percent plus climb that even the pro's struggle up. Damo hit our with Gus and got a small break on me. I managed to get past Damo, who as it levelled out at the top, rolled me.  However, when he stopped, he had a blood nose from the effort. I told him that is what it takes to beat a Manly boy. 

The Koala kept the group entertained as we waited for a few stragglers to catch up with his impersonation of a famous climb from a few years ago by Robbo...... 

Gus after a big effort up Checkers Hill. He later took a very dubious KOM
Efforts over, we trundled up the KOM to wait for the pro's. Mitch, Buzz and Johnny were there as well. After the race, a bit of confusion came into the group as to where we were going next. Most headed up to Williamtown and back to Adeliade, a 120k trip, and Gus, David, Mike O'B, Luke and Antoni Mikac headed to Kersbrook and then back to town.

Buzz told me later that Manly continued to take the points in the afternoon ride, while Mike O'B, the Koala and I led the other group back. At the end of the 15k Gorge ride, Gus (who had done nothing all the way back), under threat from me that if he attacked after sitting in our draft for 30k, would be sledged in the blog if he took the last KOM/Sprint.

He will be a target for us tomorrow!

Last day tomorrow. 140k over Greenhill Road again and down to Algate/Willunga Hill

Kom today

Luke joining the Manly Boys today

Mike O' Brien adding to the depth of Manly riders

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