Thursday, 12 January 2012

2012 FFT TDU Rosters Announced!!!

Well one of the major events of the cycling year is on us again, and like the Olympic, Football World Cup, Melbourne Cup or the Superbowl, its time to preview some of the players who will be at FFT 2012.

First of all let's look at the good guys..... The Sydney Boys - well drilled, well trained, poetry in motion on a bike .The 2012 squad is:

The Sydney Squad

Jarrod "Buzzolini" Crosby. 2012 Sydney co captain.
Strengths: A good rouleur who is strong, has a good kick sprint and a never say die attitude.
Weaknesses: none

Kable "Kay-belle Michelle" Mitchell. 2012 Sydney co-captain
Strengths: Sprinting, getting over some of the hills and nailing the sprint afterwards  
 Weaknesses: none

John "Johnny" Miller
Strengths: Knows how to hold premier spot in peleton, usually between wheels 5-8. Will be there all day
Weaknesses: none

Mark "Weatherman" Hardy (new to squad in 2012)
Strengths: bike handling, smooth style, unknown quantity to the Vic's
Weaknesses: none

Mike "Le Foz" Foster
Strengths: likes to sneak off the front and put a bit of hurt on  - Also controls the FFT Blog!!
Weaknesses: none

Roger " Burgo" Burgess
Strengths: ability to back up day after day
Weaknesses: none

Colin "Col" Carrigan
Strengths: an absolute bull of a rider and exquisite bike handling skills
Weaknesses: none

Robert "Rob" Malaki
Strengths: unknown entity to the Melb blokes
Weaknesses: none

Luke "hasn't got a nickname yet" O'Brien
Strengths: unknown to for Melbourne Blokes
Weakness: none

Reserves..... May make an appearance at some stage

Danny " the Fixed Wheel" Wright
Strengths: attacking rider who attacks consistently day after day. Strong climber

Not coming this year:

Nick " Hollywood" Blunck Strengths: best taste in bikes and kit
Weaknesses: none
Alan" Sheepy" Kelly
Strengths: quiver of bikes available for use
Weaknesses: none (except being originally from New Zealand

And now the Melbourne Roster:

Damian "Damo" Jones
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: will come under pressure in the hills

Leigh" velvet rubberhammer" Schilling
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: ability to sprint with a Nikon D90 on his back

David "Koala " Foster
Strengths: none Weaknesses: talking in the peloton rather than saving his breath to chase Sydney breakaways

Jay" Titanium Man" Heather
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: has more metal in his body than his bike does

Angus " Gus" McDonald
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: can he go the distance over the 5 days???

Leigh "De Luca" De Luca
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: will he be able to keep up without all those A grade Sandown racers to follow??

Richard "Ritchie"Stewart
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: as soon as the road goes vertical!!

Not making an appearance in 2012:

Russell "Pud" Forbes
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: beer and latte's

Dave "Pomie" Hill
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: likes renovating more than riding his bike

Russ" Rusty" Edgar
Strengths: none
Weakness: Is a kiwi who lives in Queensland ( do I need to say anymore??)

Jason "Robbo" Roberts
Strengths: none
Weakness: pulling up when he has a front wheel flat

Nick "Muz" Murray
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: weak upper body strength lets him down in sprints

Other significant players:

Tim "Ten Degrees" De Vries (defacto New South Welshman!!)
Strengths: strong man on the flats
Weaknesses: coming into 2012 FFT well underdone!

It should be an exciting 5 days as the traditional rivalry is reignited.

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