Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Travel Bike

A few people ask me what the travel bike looks like. It is a great piece of steel, built by Ewen Gellie from Gellie Custom Cycles out of Melbourne. Custom built, hand welded, I had the pleasure of picking the gauge of the steel myself, as well as the build specs.

It is Columbus steel, with fillet brazing (no lugs)73 degree seat tube and head tube angle, 56cm top tube, 6 degree slope on top tube (slight compact)410mm of chainstay length and a steel 1 1/8th fork and the secret ingredient....Ritchey Breakaway couplings.

Here it is built up

and here it is packed up.

The frame comes apart just under the seat and at the bottom of the downtube. When it is all put together it is a sub 8kg steel beauty!

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