Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Melbourne Boys draw first blood!

Adelaide 18th Jan 2011

Stage 1 – Radelaide to Lyndoch to Tanunda 150km

To cap off the 2nd day in Adelaide the Sydney boys headed out to the much loved Siam Thai restaurant. The food once again didn’t disappoint. There were some dishes in there with some serious kick in them. Sweat was starting to bead of Buzz’s massive forehead followed closely by Michael’s puffing grunting and panting. The chef’s special of Barramundi was to say the least, magnificent. After hearing Johnny Millers brilliant outback fishing story for Barra with a local Aborigine and many hungry crocodiles and many laughs later we left for the gelato bar. Let it be said the great Sheepy has now sported a new nickname. “SMEAGLE” from the great tale of Lord of the rings. His sidekick Sandy “Frodo” Parkes was pi55ing himself. Spitting image I must say. With stomachs full we made our way to bed with the anticipation of the day to come. Melbourne was still quiet and uncited……….

Stage 1

Danny Poolboy Wright arrived in a whirlwind followed by Bluncky. The main crew had left for the coffee shop knowing we would be a few minutes late. With some of the quickest bike building ever seen we had 2 bikes on the road by 9.10 and hit the coffee shop with cheers from the awaiting crew. After some quick hello’s, Poolboy found himself looking around for his long lost love in The “Radman” only to find him standing right beside him. If we could replay it in slow motion the loving embrace would possible go down along with some of the classics from the best love stories in history. Romeo and Juliet springs to mind, Turner and Hooch and quite possibly the embrace in Jerry McGuire when she says “shut up, you had me at hello” After we wiped the tears away it was off to follow the new STAND IN BOSS Buzzolini. With great vigour he tapped it out from the front with Poolboy. At one stage already having “The velvet sledgehammer” and Party boy De Luca in the box chasing after apparently missing a light…….whatever!!

The signs were ominous though for the Sydney crew after hitting the beautiful creek side winding road of the Gorge the road starting going up. The numbers in Blue dwindled quickly to 3, then Johnny was gone it was Poolboy and Buzz flying the flag with the experienced crew of Radman, De Luca and The Hammer. The pace was through the roof over the last Km’s to the milk bar at Cudlee Creek. Buzz attacked with a Km to go only to be swallowed up by the whirlwind of The hammer. Danny tried in vein to get back on his wheel with first blood going to the Vics. For the first time the Vics had some banter in them.

The ride ticked over again with plenty of hanger oners grabbing a free draft on the ever growing legend of the FFT rides. The pace was gentlemanly until Williamstown. Leigh took off with DeLuca in tow thinking that there was a sprint ahead. They looked good though……. Poolboy and Rad decided it was a great opportunity to attack with about 10km to Lyndoch and our pitstop. The chase was on with the two boys out of site we hit 50+km/hr on the chase and stayed there till the catch. Poolboy went again and snatched the win at the first town sign of Lyndoch, followed closely by an ever thinking Deluca, who ditched the main road went cross country to a side footpath to try to sneakily snatch the win. Upon arrival at Lyndoch a few of the newcomers were in a bit of a spin at the pace that was set coming into town. Great stuff

The TDU swung by in a spin and we decided to kick on to Tanunda and watch the race go by twice more before heading home. The Aussie boys were right in the mix with 2 in the main break and Mick Rogers chasing for his Sky crew. Bobridge in his first venture out in the Aussie Champs road kit looked Gold to say the least. We would have to wait till home to see the results which would eventually see Aussie boy Goss get the win from Greipel and our old favourite ROBBIE McKeeewana

So it was, back to the main race, the trip home. The black clouds were moving in for the Manly crew who were beginning to look well out numbered. The pack stayed together till Checkers hill which we happily passed by again. The pace was on with Leigh attacking Buzz and Poolboy with that old dog Lard Miller loving the hitout and holding wheels beautifully. Sheepy was all smiles and Sandy well, is possibly picking his carbon bars from his teeth after sitting on the front with Danny, with Danny not letting him roll off till the top of one of the hills on the way home. Over the final few km’s leading into Cudlee creek it was down to The Sledgehammer and Buzz, with the chasers including the leaders underestimating a few of the sharp corners ahead. With a couple of close calls, the sledge took honours again. It was starting to get ugly.

After a quick refuel it was head for home down the Gorge. There was 4 then 5. Rad, Poolboy, The Sledge, Party Boy and Buzz. The rest happy to leave the stupidity to this lot. The Manly boys were getting bashed with Poolboy on 2 hrs sleep after moving house the night before his legs understandably gave up the ghost. It was Buzz and 3 street fighters from Melbourne. He took hit after hit but fought back stealing the front on the 75km+ decent, only to be hit again. This time the legs weren’t happy with getting out of the saddle, it was all over. Buzz was left on his own in no mans land time trialling in the hope of getting back on. A red light his saviour it all came together with Poolboy, Lard, Jay and Mike rejoining the run home. With Poolboy taking line honours out the front of the hotel it was off to the Spa for some much needed R&R. The lasting effects of tangling with Buzz had taken its toll on the Velvet Sledghammer though with him cramping badly much to everyone’s amusement.

The signs aren’t good for Sydney but with the successful Manly lead out train from Bright back together with the arrival of navy Boy the next few days could be interesting.

34kph avg. Vic smashing Nsw who have yet to trouble the scorers. Buzz burning a box of matches, impressing all

Bring on Day 2.

Buzz [photos by that famous cycling photographer - Leigh Schilling(aka the velvet sledgehammer)]

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