Saturday, 17 July 2010

When the tar is so hot it is running down the road!

We're about 1km from the finish of the Tour de France at Mende at the top of the last climb. I have no idea what its like, because our tour guide decided to take us up the back of the climb. Its about 35/92 deg and clear sunny skies.

No problems it saved 8km, we thought. Except as we started to climb I thought it was raining, the tar/road was so hot it wasn't just making a noise it was coating the tyres and that syrupy feeling was slowing me down dragging us back down the hill.

All of that combined with the hill hitting 18% was all you need on a blisteringly hot day... Um are we there yet?

Finally at the top, about 10 minutes before the riders get here, a quick hamburger and a coke and we are ready for the riders.

Here's a photo of Joe (the birthday boy and I at the top.

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