Friday, 23 July 2010

FFT day 11- There's nothing like Camping in the rain

Well, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately for us, that meant the good weather. We had a couple of inches of rain overnight that just drenched everything. We woke up this morning to torrential rain and none of us felt the need to go out riding in it or standing for 4 hours on a freezing mountain in wet bike kit. We checked the weather and the forecast for Lourdes was for rain for most of the day. Some of the boys were staying downtown at a hotel as tents would have been a washout, so we all met up at a local cafe for coffee in the morning.
Buzz did his last video diary entry, asking all of us what our highlights were of the trip. There were many in my mind. Riding up Mt Ventoux was one that came to mind for me, as did the ride along the Tarn River. The Hautacam/Solidor day was one to remember as was Mt ventoux. We watched all the video diaries this morning and had a good laugh at what are quickly becoming great memories.

They will be at

I will get them all onto the blog when I get home, as the wireless access has been pretty average along the way.

After coffee and a walk around town, we found a (yes, another) cafe with a big screen to watch todays stage from. It was a bit disappointing to see them riding on roads 40k away that appeared dry, when we were sitting in torrential rain. That's the trouble with the mountains, one valley can be wet and the next in bright Sunshine. If we had of know the rain wasn't as widespread as we first thought, we would have gone out for sure.

Never the less, it was a great stage to watch with Contador and Schleck duelling it out as two great champions over roads we had spent the last few days riding ourselves.

After the race, we came back to the camp and packed it up. Dinner at the local restaurant, it is off to bed early. Tomorrow, we all start heading our separate ways. Jordan to Madrid to meet his family and have a 2 week holiday, me back to Sydney to go back to work, Bluncky, Mitch, Danny, Joe and Buzz, to Paris to watch the final stage on the Champs Elysee and Rad Man and Jay back to Melbourne with an overnight in Paris on the way.

It has been a great trip with good friends who have been great company over the past 12 days.

Another FFT over.

Another coming.......

Le Foz

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